00. Start

The internet has become an essential tool of modern society, that plays a reole in education, communication, collaboration, business and entertainment.

This site is about our philosophy and design taught.

01. The reward for good work, is more work.

High priced invoices is not what drives us. We seek the simplicity in interfaces that works best for you and the people that will be using it.

02. Users?

Users are not numbered bots, but human just like me and you. We design for people, that are using our interface to get something done.

03. My buddy is a web designer...

Sure, one of the ways to pay for an inexpensive website is by commissioning your buddy for a cheap web interface. In the meantime, it will also be expensive to undo his mistakes.

People hate redesign. Even if the first interface was bad, they had to spend the time to learn how to use it.

04. Better call, sales

When you speak to us, you are speaking to the person working directly on your project, not someone representing us.

05. Not required

Bureaucracy eats time, and we are met with its manifestation by filling out online forms. We submit data online for information processing all the time, however it does not need to be painful.

06. We seek information

The internet is full of half truths and miss conceptions. Sometimes you visit a website full of jargon, and yet you still have no idea what they actually do.

Information is what drives the people to your website, because that is what we seek. Without information, there is no point of visiting. We often receive half-baked content that seems to be.

If you are not willing to spend time creating it, why should people spend time reading it?

07. In content we trust

Writings on the web shouldn't be boring.

How often have you scrolled through a website, only to realise that beneath the flashy design there is a text caption reading 'Lorem Ipsum'? Repeatedly, designers have the misconception that design does the heavy lifting, whilst the writing comes secondary. Placements are the designed on the first user interface, while content comes later.

The way we see it, is that the design should follow the story. If you have an enticing story to tell to the people that visit your site, then that is from where we start.

08. Simplicity

Often, we are met with abundance of requests to make something more "cool".

If your business depends on your site, it is better to have the information accessible and processes that are easy to follow.

09. ********

Your security and privacy online must not be treated as optional, but a fundamental element of your web browsing.